Ground Throw

Caboose 210S
Image3_1200I was messing around a bit with a Caboose Ground Throw and a Peco On30 turnout. I had installed a Caboose throw long ago .. hooking the pin into a hole on the throwbar on the turnout. It worked fine .. except .. the fist time my On30 Shay came by the footboard on the loco hit the turnout. Darn.

So. I extended the ‘Head Ties’ (I think the term is correct) on the turnout so the throw could be mounted further out.

Image1_1200When I placed a thrown on those ties .. Ooops! the throw is too wide. Darn.
Image2_1200So. I narrowed a throw to fit the spacing of the head ties.

The next question will be .. how to secure it? The stock ground throw has those two holes on the flange. People will use a small tack sometimes or a screw. That has always bugged me being grossly out of scale (IMO). I sealed up the bit of hole(s) left from narrowing the throw by plugging with bits I had cut off and a thick body Super Glue. That should hold up well enough for ‘looking at’ .. but I suspect might be probamatic if I start trying to drill a new hole close by. I’m thinking that I should be able to drill a pair of holes on either side of the flange and insert a wire. I can then drill a matching hole in the Head Ties, insert the wires and secure. If I am careful .. and leave just the right amount of wire sticking out .. I can use one of the Vector Cut hex bolts. They are laser cut detail items and some of the hex bolts have a hole in the center …

Vector Cut Nuts and Bolts
NutsBolts1mmThe Vector Cut 1mm and 1.5mm Set I think will work pretty good for upgrading the ground throw. LIke I said, if I can insert wire into the flange it can anchor the throw to the head ties. In addition .. if I leave just the smallest bit of wire sticking out of the flange I can slip one of the small washers and hex nuts over it and it should look great.

The photo to the left is from the Vector Cut website.

Bits and Pieces
TheParts_1200Here we go. My Vector Cut sheet of the smaller nuts, bolts and washers; the narrowed Caboose Ground Throw; a jig to drill the holes in the flange of the throw – and the ubiquitous penny for size.
TheParts2_1200Small wire throw bent. Took four small dress-maker pins, snipped off the heads and slipped a washer and nut over and secured with some super glue.
Ground Throw Modification
cut_flangeThe ground throw was too wide. I sliced off the ends even with the edge of the brad hole in the flange.
new_holesThat brad hole in the flange was filled by dropping in a bit of the cut-off portion of the flange then filled with a thick body ACC (Aleene’s Jewelry & Metal Glue) and then the flange filed smooth. Four new holes 0.020 in. dia were drilled in the flange (they are drilled 0.050 in. from the flange sides and 0.070 in. in from the ends – but that was just to let the ‘bolts’ pass through the head ties.
nbw_pinsI used 0.020 in. dia pins. These serve two purposes – 1) They actually help mechanically secure the ground throw to the head ties and 2) the Vector Cut NBW slid over the exposed ends of the pins work great visually.
Assembly Complete
MechFinished_1200I positioned the throwout where i wanted it and drilled through the four holes in the flange and into the head ties. Got everything assembled pretty much as I wanted and glued the throw to the ties with a thick body super glue. While still fluid I shoved the pins through and let everything set up nicely.
.. and color
Finished_1200Some rust paint followed by scrubbing with Doc O’Brien’s Grungy Gray and Grimy Black


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