Attempt One

Working 1
working_1I picked up some floral wire at Walmart. This brand is wire wrapped with a white covering. It measures .025 in. dia .. in O scale about 1-1/4 in. I twisted this into a general ‘tree shape’. I picked up a roll of 28 Gauge brass wire that measures .011 in. dia which I have used to twist the smaller branches.

I’ll take my time with this twisting and forming. When finished the next step will be to try and see if I can add believeable twigs and leaves ..

  • Twigs/smaller branches: I’m thinking that I may be able to attach short lengths of something oke short lengths of polyester/wig material .. possibly end gluing to a strong cement. Will have to experiment with this.
  • Leaves: The closest thing I’ve found yet for leaves is some crushed spices. I’m considering running some full size leaves thorough a blender to see what I can come up with.
working_2Continuing. Using mostly Modge Podge to smooth over the wires. Here and there going back to insert small branchlets. I sprayed on some tannish color earlier to help blend the various colors.
working_3Used some spray adhesive and added static grass to create something to support the leaves. Lesson learned from this is .. not so heavy next time .. use less static grass. I brushed paint thinner over the limbs to remove grass I didn’t want.
working_4I used medium and light green ‘leaves’ from NOCH .. sprayed the static grass clumps and sprinkled them on.
In Place
working_5NOCH medium and light green leaves were applied and worked pretty well. I placed it at the appropriate location on the layout for a photo op.

Lesson’s learned:

  • Pay more attention to the limbs. Needs more of them .. with more branching
  • Using static grass for smaller branches works .. but needs to be much less dense and more care to keep from clumping
  • Overall the leaves need to cover more .. that goes back to the limbs and branching .. not so much clumping I think

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