Attempt Two

A limb
Image1This time I am going to try to make individual limbs and then combine them into a tree. One of the ‘lessons learned’ from the first attempt was I needed more limbs. Fine. I can continue this until I am happy. The other thing was there wasn’t enough branching on the limb so I will work on that.

I’m using 26 Gauge floral wire. This measures about 0.017 in. dia. which scales to 0.816 in. full size in O scale – 13/16 in. I started with six wires wrapping a coil around tightly (the ’round’ bit of the limby you can see). This measures about 0.085 in. dia or 4 in. full size in O scale. So this is a relatively small limb .. certainly now one of the lower ones on the trunk. It is about six inches long so that’s 24 ft. of limb.

Going into this because I have to think ahead a bit. The Pin Oak out front is about 40 ft. tall .. and that first tree is around 9 in. or 36 ft. so .. the lower limbs are about 8 in. dia .. with limbs about half-way up a good six in. dia. It will be easier to add wire to bulk the limb up at some point if necessary .. kinda hard to make it smaller.

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