Staging Cassette

What they are
This is a way to store rolling stock and then acting as a Staging Area. I am going to be referring to a thread on Model Railroad Forums. This in turn links to another website – tmrc – The Tech Model Railroad Club of MIT with detailed photos of such a Staging Cassette. The June ’08 page has several photos showing these photos.

I’m going to use these photos in this thread – but I since I am linking back to the original website – I am comfortable with that.

A bunch of cassettes
cas1The first photo at the top of the page shows a whole stack of these cassettes – and gives a good overall look at the design which basically consists of a length of wood with drywall corner bead attached to it.

[go to the tmrc website post]
Closer look
cas2So .. the corner bead is attached (stapled) tot he wood. Then a second strip (straight) is wrapped around everything to box it in – complete with a handle.

[go to the tmrc website post]
End of track
cas3There’s a metal strip glued to the plywood to deal with the height mismatch between the cassette and the rails, which lifts up the end of the cassette slightly.” – [from post on MRRF]
cas4It’s really the lowest of low tech, you put the cassette on a flat surface that’s the plywood that our staging yard tracks are laid on. Then roll the cars out onto rails that start where the cassette ends.” – [from post on MRRF]
cas5The last pic shows a close-up of where the cassette connects to the track. – [from post on MRRF]
The ‘Thing’
So. Here’s the thing.

This looks like a very low tech way to add staging. You only need an open end track and room for the cassette. These guys have a flat surface that the cassette sits on .. propped up to the correct height. Me .. I don’t have that flat surface beyond my end-of-track. I would have to have something else .. like a bracket to connect the cassette to the track.

Worth discussion I think.


Staging Cassette — 2 Comments

    • Think I will wander down to Lowes tomorrow and see what I can see. Since I don’t have any flat surfaces I need ‘some kinda’ hook that would allow the cassette to connect. Something – more or less – like what I drew up in the photo.

      General idea of the hookish object

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