Storage Tanks

Small Oil Storage Tank

My Pumphouse uses an oil-engine. In essence it’s much like a diesel in that it is a compression-ignition engine but used oil instead of diesel for a fuel. I need a tank .. if or no other reason then it … Continue reading

200 Gallon Oil Storage Tank

Rusty Stumps Tank I needed a small oil tank to supply my pump house. I ordered one from Rusty Stumps – Product ID: C2512 – 200 Gallon Oil Storage Tank When it arrived I was concerned that it might be … Continue reading

5300 Gallon Tank

Whatisit? The black tank you see in the top center of the photo is a water tank, repurposed from an oil tank. With that in place I decided that in addition I needed an oil tank. The problem that jumped … Continue reading

1902 Oil Tank

~1902 Oil Tank I found this great illustration of an oil tank used for locomotives. The book is titled “How oil is used for fuel on locomotives: Supplement to The Science of Railways”, Published in 1903. There is a crude … Continue reading

Old Rusty Tank

Inspiration What a great tank! I found this on M82a2’s Photobucket page. I wanted to see what I could do with it as it would make a great mini-scene .. rusting quietly away in the scrub. I will be using … Continue reading

Building Water Tank

Location See if this works. I need a water tank on this building. A 1-1/2″ PVC coupling is about the right size. Normally such a tank will not sit on the roof like this but at minimum at least the … Continue reading

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