200 Gallon Oil Storage Tank

Rusty Stumps Tank

200 Gal Tank

I needed a small oil tank to supply my pump house. I ordered one from Rusty Stumps – Product ID: C2512 – 200 Gallon Oil Storage Tank

When it arrived I was concerned that it might be too small. To be honest I hadn’t put much thought into the size I needed. This is a 200 gallon tank and measures .450″ wide x 1″ tall x 1.480″ long. That translates to 21-1/2″ x 48″ x 71″ so I guess I need to adjust my eyesight some.

In the thread Small Oil Storage Tank I quoted some text from Fuel oil in industry. This bit caught my eye –

When it is impossible to place the main storage tanks below ground or below the level of the burners, a small 5 or 10 barrel reservoir tank should be placed underground below the main storage. This reservoir tank is then fed by gravity from the overhead tank.

Well. If we figure that a standard oil barrel is 42 US gallons then they are talking about a 200-400 gallon tank. This means the Rusty Stumps 200 gallon tank will work fine – in fact – exactly as needed. The larger tank mounted on the bents can act as the main storage tank while the 200 gallon tank will be the reservoir tank. The purpose is to prevent flooding a building with oil as the reservoir tank will be below the level of the burners.

Next thing is where to put the 200 gallon tank.

  1. Originally I had planned to put a oil tank to the right of the road [1]. It was pointed out to me that putting oil tank right next to the coke ovens might not be the smartest thing since you had fire blasting out of the top and front of the coke oven.
  2. Thought about location [2] on the end of the loading dock. That could have worked but the tank would have still been higher then the engine.
  3. Location [3] wasn’t any good – in front of the stairs doesn’t work – sooner or later someone would hit it turning in
  4. Location [4] is no good as it would block the walk. It could be used but I would rather find some place else.
  5. Location [5] you run into the same problems with [3]
  6. I like it here, location [6]. Hanging it off the side will not interfeer any and also drop the tank below the level of the engine. The biggest thing is it would add to the ‘coolnetss’ I think
Location 6
I’m thinking here is pretty good. It’s out of the way of everything .. it’s lower then the engine house .. and it would add more cool ‘stuff’.

I’m sure that the EPA would have a heart attack with the tank sitting where I am holding it over the river but .. shrug .. this is a pre-EPA era. 🙂

I would have to build some kinda support .. and then piping from the large tank to the 200 gallon tank and then to the building – but that would just add ‘cool’.

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