200 Gal Oil Tank – Pt II

This is bit of the same thing from the Small Oil Storage Tank thread. The Rusty Stumps oil tank comes with the fill pipe cast in place. Since this will be a reservoir tank, this could be where the feed line from the main storage tank. In my view, the more complicated the better in many cases. When I am playing around with trying to determine what goes where I look at it from the view of .. “how would I do that”. To me .. the fill tube should be left in place and a second feed line from the larger storage tank added. I am a firm believer in Murphy’s Law – “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. To that end .. just having a feed line from the larger tank would mean sooner or later a need to fill the reservoir tank using the fill tube .. whether it’s because the larger tank is empty – that’s beside the point. Murphy doesn’t tell you WHAT will go wrong .. just that it will.

To that end, let’s look at what is needed on the tank.

From left to right we have:

  • Vent Pipe : 1-1/2″ flange
  • Suction Pipe : 3-1/2″ flange
  • Manifold : 10″x16″ – not going to happen.
  • Feed Line : 4″ flange
  • Return : 1-1/2″ flange
  • Indicator : 1/2″ flange

The suction pipe can also be on the bottom-end of the tank. In fact there is already one cast into the tank. The manifold isn’t needed on this tank but the fill tube serves in it’s place. Feed line and vent pipe on top of the tank. That leaves the return which isn’t shown and the indicator which can be placed on top also.

Note: It calls for a 4″ flange for the feed line/fill tube. Nominal pipe size for 4″ pipe is 4-1/2″ O.D. .. the tank casting fill tube has around a 4.8″ dia which is darn well close.

The Tank

Tank with 1st primer coat

I ran into a problem with the tank. The edges where the tank wraps over the ends was very brittle and crumbled just with finger pressure. I decided to sand that off and wrap the tank. In the end I sanded off everything.

I used some cardstock from a 3″x5″ card and wrapped the sanded tank, gluing with epoxy. I cam back later and soaked the paper with ACC and after a little sanding sprayed on a coat of primer.

I’ll that primer set up for a while and do a first sanding – and try and get it to look like the wrapper extends over the tank ends.

Most of the heating oil storage tanks that this looks like haven’t much in the way of a stand .. just a couple of feet. I don’t care. Mine is going to be mounted on a cradle with either feet or some other support. I’m more interested in what looks good .. not necessarily what’s historically correct. 🙂
A Little Rust –
I got the smaller 200 gal reservoir tank installed and the piping. These two photos show how great digital photography is for modeling. I would call this the ‘primary’ coloring and weathering. With this as a ‘base’ I can come back with pin-washes and .. shrug .. pin-weathering-powder (heh).

Still got to add a ladder/access to the valve under the main tank. That horizontal pipe is just hanging in the air right now. I’m going to put in a telegraph/telephone pone at that location which will also support the pipe .. and add more .. uhhhh .. stuff.

Honestly, I’ll not that un-happy with how it looks now .. but there needs to be more brown .. old rust you know. Obviously .. no one here ever heard of the EPA 🙂

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