Building Water Tank

location-900See if this works. I need a water tank on this building. A 1-1/2″ PVC coupling is about the right size. Normally such a tank will not sit on the roof like this but at minimum at least the tank height above the roof to get pressure to the top floor.

Note: From Water towers in New York – Buildings taller than 6 stories water towers are needed to move water safely to the 7th floor and higher. This has to do with water pressure.

This structure is only 3 stories but figure I can always come up with a reason for such a tank .. emergency backup perhaps in case of a fire and failure of the city water service? Donno .. just want one.

materials_1-900This is an experiment using different materials. The core is as I said a 1-1/2″ PVC coupling. I used my lathe to make skimming cuts until the outside was smooth. The slight tooth from turning the plastic should help cement grab the surface. I modified a tank texture from Clever Models (from their O scale Rudy’s Printing) by opening in Paint Shop Pro, saving as a .jpg and making the height equal to the PVC coupling. I printed off two copies .. one on cardstock and one on paper. The idea is to cut individual boards from the paper and glue to the cardstock to get some 3d effects. See how well that goes.
tank_sides_planks-900Cut strips from the bond paper .. 14 .. enough maybe. The white edges are colored gray using a painters® marker purchased from Walmart. Gray works well .. you don’t have to match the color as it shows as shadow (this is from Clever Models’ suggestions).
wrapped-900Used Deluxe Materials™ Rocket Glue to adhere the texture sheet to the PVC coupling.
GluingStraps-900I had some Evergreen .011″ x .043″ strip that was “good nuff” for the bands. In O scale, this would be .53″ x 2″ .. not perfect but as I said .. “good nuff”. I will figure out later how to create clamps.
banded-900Gluing the styrene bands to the paper worked. I ended up making a hobby shop run for a new bottle of ZAP CA (thin) .. needed something to wick under the bands easier .. the old CA had thickened a little too much for this to work best. This process created some shiny spots – I used some Model Master Flat Clear Acryl. I’ll top everything with a spray of Model Master Flat once I get the clamps glued on.
Tank_ClamsI took a look at the Grandt Line O scale Water Tank Hoop Fasteners. Wouldn’t work (IMO) as these are for rod/hoops.

I decided to ‘roll my own’. In “Real Life” there was a design with screws/nuts on either side of the clamp .. but one of the things you have to keep in mind when trying to create something that will print successfully. I just used a single screw/nut .. figure there is a real world example .. somewhere. I made two versions .. with different size rivets since this is a constant experiment to see what works and what doesn’t.

Tank_Clamp_ver2_20eaI arrayed 20 ea of the two designs along sprues for printing .. attaching to the outside face of the clamps .. hopefully this will work ok.

Note: the clamp flats are .015″ thick which is slightly over the minimum thickness that FUD can be printed. I tried printing with short sprues attaching as shown to the larger sprues. It may prove .. *interesting* .. when trying to separate .. these are very delicate parts .. but I have enough extra in case I break (will break) some during the process.