Building Water Tank – II

The Design
Image3I looked around a bit finding examples of old water tanks on roofs. These two were in Boston in 1910. I wanted something different .. others had supports from brick and concrete. This metal support design would work for me.
MetalSupportLooking through my styrene I found some Evergreen I-Beam, Channel and Angle and then came up with something that looked like it would work (engineering-wise). I also worked out a roof framing that would work. I found a great link .. a YouTube video titled Build Your Own Wooden Water Tank that helped a lot with this.
Steel Framing
frame_gray-900I used what Evergreen styrene I had on hand. I-Beams form the four verticals. Channels make up the square at the top and angle is used to tie everything together. I added small pieces of flat between the I-Beam webbing so the angle would lie flat. Sprayed primer then added water-slide rivets from Micro-Mark. A final primer coat seals the rivets in place.
frame_rust-900I used a variety of reds and browns to give the framing a rusty look. I decided to do this rather then spray the rusty surface first and chip a gray surface using the hairspray technique. Since this won’t be “in your face” .. figured the way I did it would be fine.
tank_fill_tube-900I added a feed pipe. Following my usual procedure .. I had completely forgotten about this. In any case the one in the photo was too short and I had to lengthen it a bit.