Building Water Tank – IV

cedarshingles-900I got some O Scale Simulated Random Cedar Shake Shingles from Rusty Stumps. There is a range of colors available – I selected Manila as a neutral base color since I would be painting them later.

The late Mike Chambers wrote up Weathering Rusty Stumps paper shingles which is available via the link on the Rusty Stumps website. Since Mike suggested using either manila or medium brown shingles that was fine with me .. going with the manila.

I didn’t have nor could I find ANY of the colors suggested in the article but I either used colors I DID have that were close or could be mixed up. In the end I was happy enough with the results.

shingling-900Here we go putting the shingles on the ‘tar paper’. The shingles as supplied by Rusty Stumps can be purchased with or without adhesive – I went ‘with’.
shingling_2-900Update on shingling the water tank. I am thinking that .. next time .. I will seal the paper surface .. paint on a coat of something like Modge Podge .. or something similar to let the self stick shingles stick better. I had forgotten but when you lay self-stick vinyl tile on plywood you paint such a sealer first which makes them stick MUCH better.

Is ok .. I will use a toothpick and Rocket Card Glue to fix the shingles that require it.

Clamps and Stuff
tankwclamps900I waited until the last to glue the clamps on to the bands .. doing this earlier pretty much says that they would get knocked off at some point.