Oil Tank

triangle_800I was talking to Patrick Welch in a Facebook Chat and mentioned trying to figure out how to stick an oil tank into a small triangle of space formed between the track Y and in front of the water tank.

Patrick suggested that instead of trying to shoehorn a tank into the small space .. why not stick one INSIDE the other take supports?

Extruded Stadium
RustStumTankI purchased a resin oil tank from Rusty Stumps a while back – Walt’s 200 Gallon Oil Storage tank – and even blogged on it .. titled .. 200 Gallon Oil Storage Tank.

I’ve seen this shape of tank described as an “Oval Storage Tank”. Technically the shape of the end is a Stadium .. a retangle with a semi-circle on either end. I fondly call it an “Extruded Stadium” therefore.

a78I found this photo somewhere on the net. I’m not even sure what I am looking at. There are two tanks – what colors are those? *shrug* – all I can tell is that one is dark and one light colored. The dark colored tank has ‘No’ written on it – the light colored tank No.2 .. at least I think that is what it says. The underlined [u]o[/u] .. again .. shrug.

The ‘stop sign’ shape .. perhaps no smoking? There is that can mounted on the platform which has a pipe running from the dark tank. It has ‘Fuel Nozzle’ written on it. The hose runs from this tank. The ‘No.2′ tank has a hose running directly from it.

The pump (what I think it is) doesn’t appear to be connected to anything. It might be used to fill the tanks?

OilTankFollowing Patrick’s suggestion I wanted to see what size reasonable tank I could tuck inside the support structure for the water tank.

The tank is shown in green. The other side has room for a pump and motor – and maybe some more stuff.

Tank Design
exploded-800I had some large dowel – 1-3/8″ dia. Sticking a piece of 1/4″ stock between two dowels gave me a tank with a stadium 3″ tall and 1-3/8″ wide and 1-3/4″ long. This gives me a tank 3,089 gallons.
wood-800Here, I’ve squared off the ends of the dowels using my lathe. I glued them to a piece of 1/4″ stock and let that dry overnight. Once that dried I traced the ends to some .040″ styrene.
endsandwrapper-800The .040″ styrene was glued to the ends of the dowels with Deluxe Materials Rocket Card Glue. This stuff works really well gluing plastic to wood and cardstock. The cardstock behind will be sprayed with at least two coats of Minwax Lacquer to plasticize the cardstock.
armature-800Using Deluxe Materrials Rocket Card Glue I glued the plasticized cardstock to form the armature. I used rubber bands to hold it tight while the glue dried then soaked it with Thin CA. Once that dried I used some Automotive Spot Putty to fill the slight depression .. let that dry .. and sanded everything.

If this was to be an armature for a tank that would be handled I would not use this method but would have made the wrap from styrene. This will work fine for a static display.

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