Water Tank – Pt III

3d printed bracket
bracket_dim2-800While I was working on the tank I also created some brackets in Sketchup. I made these miminum wall size etc. in FUD. I wanted to make something I could use for at minimum, a display model. FUD doesn’t have the strength to be used for ‘normal’ model railroading being much too delicate.

In the diagram I show half a piece of Evergreen #223 tubing in brown which acts as the upper part of the bracket.

bracket_14ea-800I put them on a sprue. It worked .. but could/can be improved. I made the little stubs that attach to the sprue 2mm/0.079″ dia. After printing they seemed to be a little large. The biggest problem was detaching from the sprue.

One of the things you run into when designing in 3d is you print them and discover how you could have done it better, make changes and print again. Dang these things are brittle. I broke two just trying to glue into drilled holes.

version_2-800With the printed brackets in-hand I looked at the ones I had fabbed together and decided to backup and punt. I pulled the pins from the sides, scraped off the cardstock brackets and sanded off what I could.
brackets-800Here, I have started to glue the brackets to the tank. The handrail is a piece of florist wire which happens to be just the right size. I finally glued a piece of the Evergreen tubing sliced in half to cap the top.S
Paint and Re-Paint
redux_paint_brown-800I sprayed overall with black primer. Lucky me I still have a can of the old Walmart primer. I let that dry overnight and sprayed lightly with Rust-Oleum Camoflauge Earth Brown .. just enough to tone down the black primer a bit. This does two things .. (1) the flat black is too unrealistic .. by the time a gloss black paint fades it would be stained badly. (2) the slight brownish tinge gives the impression of the tank weathered with rust.
redux_weathing1-800I used MIG Gulf War Sand (P037) weathering powder. What you see in this photo is lighter than what you see in real life .. the camera ‘grabs’ more color. What you see by eye is not as light as what the camera shows.

Most of the light color went away after I sealed the surface with the MIG pigment fixer .. so .. the lightness is a moot point.

layout_test2-800As usual .. I make this stuff up as I go. I have some decals I picked up at the 2011 Narrow Gauge Convention. CONSOL sands for Consolidated Narrow Gague .. an idea .. a “what if” the various narrow gagues hand created a consolidated system – So .. I stuck the decal to the side of the tank and weathered it well with a pretty heavy application of Rust-Oleum Earth Brown Cammo paint. Now, need to add the piping .. and something that indicates it is a water tank.

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