Small Oil Tank – Part II

Quick look
I used some CPVC tubing for the body – two 1″ caps, a coupling and a couple of reducing bushings.

Wrapped that with some cardstock to simulate metal plates.

Now have to add the bits and pieces ..

Flanges and stuff
Here I have the suction flange, manhole-cover and vent tube. That’s an oops. Whey you shouldn’t model while drinking beer I suppose. The vent tube for a tank of this sort should be about 1-1/2″ pipe. Think this is about 4″. Oh well. Anyhoo. Gloss coat in prep for the Micro-Mart resin rivet decals.

After this photo was taken I said the heck with it and removed the oversized vent tube. Replaced it with a scale sized version made from a paperclip and sliced insulation from small dia wire.
Some paint
Applied Micro-Mart HO rivets. These are resin decals. Funny .. why HO? Rivets are not O or HO .. but big and smaller. Geeze. Anyway .. first coat of some Terra Cotta paint in preparation for weathering etc. The paint – American Accents Terra Cotta has a slight texture that resembles a rust texture. The bolts around the manhole cover arre Tichy.

Note: There was a slight bit of movement of the cardstock. If I were to do this again I think I would take the time to seal it with some coats of lacquer. The other thing is the double row of rivets .. much too close together .. another of those ‘lessons learned’.

Some brown –
Applied Burnt Umber Gouache. Point – this was a lot darker under the room lights. When I moved it to the layout for this photo the brown is a lot more washed out – at least in the photo. The layout lights are Sylvania ‘Daylight Deluxe’ and a lot brighter. That’s just a caution that you need to look at the paint under the lighting that the model will be displayed in.

Looking at the tank with my eyes instead of the camera it’s not so washed out as the camera shows. I think that the lighter Terra Cotta just is reflecting more light then the brown. It still needs to be darkened a bit .. and will do that ‘in situ’ to ensure that I’m happy with the results.

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