Caddo Creek Dam – Pt IV

Penstock – Collar?
Not sure what this would be called .. a Penstock Collar perhaps? NBW next. Figured this will be a good canidate for rust followed by hairspray and paint .. with some nice rusty stains below on the concrete. Further weathering with some pin washes with lighter color ..
The madness continues
I picked up some EnviroTex at Michaels using a 40% coupon that they provide on-line. If you have a Michaels near you it’s well worth the effort to sign up for their newsletter. Coupons are one of the reasons. Knocking 40% off the price of the EnviroTex moves it from expensive to affordable.

Here’s looking at the dam from behind. I colored in blue where the ‘water’ will go. I doubt that much of this will be seen with it on the layout but .. shrug .. will be a first time to use this EnviroTex so suppose is good practice as the creek was also to be created using the epoxy.

Back to Penstock Collar
I cemented nbw (Tichey) to the collar. Time now to slap some paint on using my current favorite, the hairspray technique.
Did a little weathering of the Penstock collar (ok ok .. a lot). Some rust stains and that’s pretty much done.

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