Caddo Creek Dam – Pt V

I found this nice 3d model on Google 3D Warehouse of a woman turning a valve. Now I know that a female with a hard hat, overalls would not be doing this (probably) or dressed like this (probably) in the late 1930’s/early 1940’s .. but .. she is positioned exactly as I need .. since she’s a ‘stand in’ to see where I need to create the platform. I hadn’t though about it before but you need room for that left foot to plant behind her. Cool.

The platform construction seems reasonable to me. I’m not too worried about how she got up there .. at the moment. At some point I will have to build access to the sluice-gate on the pump house and will then continue that over to the dam. I’m basically doing this without much of a plan .. but making things ‘fit’ the scene .. I suppose in a way .. how it would have been done in ‘real life’.

Magically .. the platform appears. Notice I changed everything so I could use what I had in my parts bin. One of these days will have to add access to the darn thing.
This is probably a total waste of time as I don’t think once the dam is in postion that the trash-rack can even be seen. My excuse is at the time I did this my modules were still .. well .. modules and could be seen from the other side.
Some Tools
Scratched-together a hook’d pole and rake-like thing for pulling the trash from the trash rake. Suppose I should adjust the tines a bit on the rake but I think they will do. 🙂
Platform finished
Welded some angle iron to the railing uprights as a quick-n-dirty tool rack. The angle iron blocks just leaning the Danger sign so I just stuffed it sideways. Ha. The two trash rake tools, the oil can and the sign are all loose as I haven’t decided yet where they will go permanently (glued). If I could get a good figure raking up some trash from the water that would be cool .. need to search a bit to find one I could adapt for that.
This is where it’s at currently. The platform for the turbine is in place .. missing both the turbine and Petcock etc. The water flowing over the spillway needs doing along with water movement .. aka rapids/splashing etc.

I’ll do a write-up on the turbine .. stay tuned to be linked from this location …

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