HVCC Pump House – Pt II

The chimney is constructed from scraps of Gatorfoam and Styrene and the covered with Rusty Stumps Aged Brick O Scale sheet.

If I were to do this again I would change the steps and glue the brick to the sides of the chimney first. That way I could have had greater control over filing the mitered edges to just match the brick.

The structure is covered with the Rusty Stumps O Scale # L1502 brick sheet. I base coated the brick with a Terra-Cotta from a rattle can. When that dried I came back and darkened some of the bricks then washed the surface with some AI. I will come back and dry-brush with some Terra Cotta to lighten up the surface a bit but at this point I was pretty happy with the base colors.

One problem I ran into using the brick sheet was that I was using a lot of washes of water and alcohol base. The brick sheet is a laser cut resin coated cardstock. It’s available both with or without a self-adhesive backing. My using alcohol based washes was unfair to the adhesive on the sheet! I was happy with the brick but planned (which I did) to purchase the non-adhesive sheet and use 3M 77.

That would do two things. (1) Reduce problems from using alcohol washes from attacking the adhesive and (2) like I mentioned when covering the chimney, apply the sheet prior to assembling the building. That would mean I could have greater control over the mitering of the brick edges .. make the building conform to the mortar joints in the brick instead of trying to make the brick fit the building.

Windows and door
With Tichy windows and door in place I could take a photo of the structure with the camera sitting on the surface of the river. Nice. I would like to try this with a smaller camera though.
I added an interior to the building consisting of an oil engine and pump. I was looking at it and realized that I hadn’t left any place for the machinery to get into the building unless it was completely disassembled first (and perhaps not even then). I decided to add an extension. I knocked out the wall on the end and built the extension and covered it with Rust Stumps O scale cement block. The large double doors on the end would allow moving machinery in and out – and I could put a loading dock on that end.
Deck and Dock
Put together a deck for the front and a loading dock for the right side. Had to excavate a bit more ‘rock’ to make room for the piping.
Roof is a simple hip roof shingled with Rusty Stumps asphalt shingles. Lesson learned here was .. simulate the tar paper underneath .. don’t leave it white!
Current Photo
I haven’t worked on this in a while. Still need to add the platform to the far side so my little people can operate the sluice gate (not done either).

I scratched up some 6-in Gate Valves for the pump house. I detailed the ‘scratching’ in 6 inch Gate Valve
A peek through the loading doors. I used CombineZM to stack 4 photos at varying focus depth to get this combined photo. I REALLY need a smaller camera to get into tight places for these photos. My Sony D3000 works great but it a bit bulky for this kind of shot.

Update: I covered the building of the Engine and Pump <- here

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