piping_1-900Once the coal has been coked they would quinch it to stop the process .. this required a hose connection at each oven. So … need to run pipe from the pump house to the coke oven .. ‘sorta kinda’ like the white lines. I can stick the hose house I had started on a while back in between .. run a line to it also. This is to make use of my 6″ flanged pipe fittings I have .. this should be fun.
piping_2-900A closer look at where the pipe will run. I have the pumps inside the pump house though you can’t see them much .. still .. the pipe exits the back of the structure .. so I can bring pipe along the wall and behind the hose house. The hose house is also called a hydrant house as it basically is a structure surrounding a hydrant with hoses, axes etc. Everyting needed to fight a fire). I can Tee off to the hose house .. the more pipe the better!
Pump House
pumphouse_back-900Looking at the back of the Pump House. I pulled the pump house today and took off the roof. Darn .. think it has been something like three years since the roof was off. It has been long enough I forgot I had two pipes exiting the building. I had to think for a bit to remember the *why* of that .. one is to supply the coke ovens and the other for other purposes such as filling the water tank on the upper level.
ph_overhead-900The interior which you can never see except for glimpses through doors and windows. You can see the two pipes exiting through the wall at the top of the pic.
Pump House Piping
piping_4-900This won’t ever be seen but gave me an opportunity to experiment with the pipe fittings a bit. I used a couple of elbows – 2 90° elbows and a 45°, some I-Beams and bits and pieces to cobble together the piping on the back of the Pump House. The open ends of the pipe will serve to attach follow-on piping. I am thinking I might should drill holes in the bottom of the I-Beam for pins to make sure this will be securely attached to the Pump House as I don’t want it coming loose and flopping about later when I try to extend the piping. In any case next will be paint.
piping_3-900.. I had thought about rusting up everything but I think not on second thought. Some gray primer with black and brown washes and some weathering powder should do the trick .. to make the fittings look like they have been weathered .. with washes and powder to bring out the details. I might veer a bit dark on the gray .. something more like a black iron .. just have to wait and see how it comes out. When doing something like this I never know how it will end up .. usually a surprise to me too.
piping_6-900Some primer for the gray and some green for the supports. Not too worried about the one bracket on the right not aligned .. again this will be hidden.
piping_6-900Some dark wash and weathering powders to take the shine off of everthing.
piping_7-900Mounted to the wall. Figure it’s “good nuff” .. should be solid enough to use the two pieces of tubing as ‘sockets’ for the rest of the piping.
piping_8-900With the building in place the ends of the pipe (tubing) is sticking out past the building. There is enough clearence until the area seen just over the peak of the hose house.

I will have to do some blasting there. Depends where I actually run the pipe.