Piping – II

Blasting Rock
rock_blasting-900The underlaying blue styrofoam is easily modified with a knife and even a thumbnail. I like this for the underlayment as it is easily modified. I like the blue styrofoam as it tends to fracture when you pry at it looking much like rock (IMO).
rock_blasting2-900With the rock blasted away I colored the raw styrofoam. I purchased a gallon of a cheap beige latex from Lowes wich I used as a base color for my rock. A few sprays of my AI mix followed by a dusting if brown powdered tempera (comes out red) which I spray with water.
Hose House Foundation
leggo_form-900Love my Legos. I quickly made a form to pour a plaster foundation. Some masking tape keeps the plaster from running out from under the bottom .. and .. “all is well”
HH_foundation-900I carved a recess out for the hydrant. Looks like I will have to go deeper. I used my X-Acto knife to scribe mortar lines and a little color to create stone.
slopedI posted the pic above to Facebook. David Emery pointed out that sitting the hose-house directy on the stone like that would cause the wood sills to rot over time since the water would tend to puddle. Thinking about that for a while .. I came up with an altered design shown here. Cut the stone back so the water would drain down the sides and not puddle .. and taper the center toward the recess (deeper by the way).
glued-CAFI added some Super Dirt from New England Brownstone .. setting it with CAF (Concrete Acrylic Fortifier). The blue tint will go away as it dries. CAF seems to dry a bit darker but that can be put to use as shadow with a little drybrushing.