Piping – III

Pump House Piping
gluing_pipeWith the hydrant house foundation in place I started to piece the pipe together. Here a short lenth .. 90° elbows on left and above and to the right a 45° elbow. This was for the back of the pump house – giving me a chance to play with the fittings. The idea is to fix the location where the pipes fit. This means this will be where I start running pipe.
flanges_1Ah .. hubris. I had thought that a coupling made sense when i was designing my 6″ flanged pipe fittings. Then .. talking to Patrick Welch he mentioned a pair of flanges with a hole in the center that you could slide down the tubing. Huh .. or .. I took one of the Hubric-couplings and sliced the flanges off .. drilled out 1/16″ and cemented in a 1/16″ Evergreen round stock. Oh well. you live and if lucky learn .. and if REALLY lucky learn to apply it .
Running Pipe
pipe_paint_1Playing around with color fo the first set of pipe – rattle can black primer w/ a spritz of gray primer from back enough to get splattered coverage. A wash with a ‘Sandstone’ acrylic and then a ‘rust’ wash
testfit_paintedpipeHere the pipe is just placed in the scene (nothing glued). Now .. that pipe wouldn’t be just hanging in the air .. it would have some kind of supports. Could be concrete, brick, steel posts .. need to decide what. A second pipe will follow above this one at least to where the lower one bends down at a 45° angle
supports_1I poked around today to see what would make for something to support the pipe. I looked at wood .. beams, ties etc. .. nah. Not logical. Sorry. Evergreen channel and I beam. Channel made the most sense for what I wanted .. but styrene is just too flexible for what I wanted .. in the size I wanted. I ended up thinking .. “How would they have done it?”. Welding didn’t really come into general use until the 20’s or so. So my pipe supports would have to be bolted. What made most sense to me would be using old rail as supports and bending and bolting on some J-shape hangers from a larger pipe.

Sooo. Cut some ‘doughnuts’ from Evergreen 3/16″ tubing. Sliced them open and straightened one side — boiling water and smooth jawed pliars and cold water to make the J-Hooks. I will ‘bolt’ them to the rail. Important thing there to get the spacing right.

clamping_JhooksFor holding small objects these little clamps are great. Got these at Radio Shack .. the jaws are smooth so useful in that they won’t mar what they are clamping. You can get an entire package on the cheap.

I figured out later that it would have probably been simpler to glue the J-hook on after everything was in place .. just slide up under the pipe and cement in place. Lesson’s learned and all that.

Paint and Stuff
clamping_Jhooks2I glued the top J-hook. The onese on the bottom are just clamped at this time. I sprayed primer to mark the location of the lower hook. That lets me set the location .. not much chance to re-locate with the super glue. The Aleens shown here is a thick body gell and works pretty darn well.