Piping – IV

Running Pipe
working_4Fiddley work .. gluing supports in place .. various things to block and force into position. Using a piece of 1/8″ tubing for that ..
testfit_paintedpipeLittle more work adding a third support with single J-Hook for the pipe running to the hose house. Glued that last bit in place .. now .. had to wait for the glue to dry .. hate that.
working_7Getting a feel for where the pipe needed to run on the upper level .. with whatever was handy to hold the pipe approximately in place.
working_10At this point the pipes and supports are in place. I still need to add the handwheel .. but I will do that later. If I add it too soon I will break it .. I know.
working_11Next .. I need steps from the coke ovens with some-kinda platform so someone can operate the valve. No hurry .. it is at this point in modeling that I will close one eye and look at what I need .. walk off .. come back later and look again .. until I get an idea what to do.