Turbine – Part IV

Outside Mounted Turbine
I took another look at the Outside Mounted Turbine that I was trying to emulate to a point.

  1. This is a control shaft adjusting the large valve on the intake pipe
  2. The shaft from the turbine enters the wall of the power-house at this point
  3. The other end of the valve control mechanism
  4. A flange connecting the outlet pipe
  5. The bearing support for the power shaft. One thing I just noticed was that this is a separate casting that has been slid over the shaft and connected to the split-elbow. That makes me go .. hmmmm
  6. The split elbow is seen easily
  7. Appears to me to be an access for the turbine body
More Progress …
Modified the shaft supports some. I’m pretty happy with the overall design of the turbine. I rendered it in brass simply because it shows the model off better then other metals.
.. almost there …
Added a manhole-access and a valve control for the elbow.

The only things that really needs to be added is the control for the main body, the supporting structure and a flange-structure on the intake.

Flanged and Rotated
The flange bits were added and the intake assembly rotated down at 30°. That gives room for the control mechanism that should sit center of the body.
Here’s the turbine blown-up so you can see the separate parts. I rendered it in bronze again as this really shows the surface details nicely.

The point being that it’s not just a pretty drawing .. but .. a mechanical design. The various pieces are made so that they will generate a good 3d mesh for printing.

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