Turbine – Part V

When the design finalized I had to figure out the size for the discharge tube/tailpipe. With the platform already constructed I could get some good measurements. The only problem might be the differnece between lines on a computer screen and the model platform as constructed. One example is simply how deep the Envirotex came up over the base. I’m not going to worry overmuch about that since if anything it should be less then the measurement shown. If for some reason it is a little more .. I will simply ‘boil’ the water around the pipe where the water is rushing out.
3D Mesh
Here’s the finished mesh as rendered on Shapeways. I decided to double the model. That way if I screw something up I can recover (hopefully). Seriously I’m not really that concerned about that since these will act as masters. That means I can take time to sand down any layering etc. The main reason for two is that I am certain at this time what combination of rivets and/or bolts will be used in the holes. I dropped an order for a printing .. next will come the last check at the printer. They get rejected there sometimes so it is a bit of a ‘fingers-crossed’ time until you get word it is being shipped.
ShapewaysPrintThe print came out pretty well for the first try. I did not print the bolt heads as the original intention was to use this as masters to reproduce in resin – so I was going to use styrene bolts from Tichey. If you look close you can see some stray bits that broke off. These pieces sat in a bag for a long time getting tossed here and there (mistake) since FUD has physical properties similar to that of clear styrene – brittle. The one thing that I forgot to add to the mesh was alignment taps, pins – which I really need for a good master. Still .. this should be good enough to play with.
compareStarting to put the turbine together. Next I need to add the bolt heads .. which is going to be a pain!
Pain = Bolts and Rivets
bolting_2Geeze. The end results I think will be worth it .. but this makes my little brain hurt. Still … making progress.
paintTossed on some color. I’m at the point where I let it sit .. and see what else needs to be done. I have a few more things to add .. a handwheel for example .. a pulley on the shaft .. that sort of thing.

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