Gary’s Platform

Ver 1
My buddy Gary needed a way for his little people to get from one level to another on his HO layout. This was a couple of years ago so I don’t remember the details – for example the graphic to the left was my original design. Not sure what’s with the stone ‘foot’ .. been too long. Still .. worth a look at the thought process (what there was).

On a second look .. that may well have been a bridge abutment!

Ver 2
The second design I played with making the entire thing out of stone. Trying to remember why I didn’t end up going with this but I think I wanted to include a platform at the top. To do that would require a ‘switch-back’ design. I did keep some of the overall foot-print and height though.
Plaster Wall
I poured a quick-n-dirty wall from plaster. The individual stone blocks were quickly scribed into the plaster with an X-Acto knife and scribing tool (needle in a piece of dowel).

I sprayed on a quick spritz of AI wash to highlight the blocks so I could see what I had.

It was boring. I came back with more plaster and ‘dribbled’ it here and there across the surface. When that had set-up I started to scribe around the ‘blobs’ to make larger .. ‘non-standard’ blocks. To me it adds interest.

Scribed and Colored
Looking at the ‘finished’ wall I have a couple of thoughts. This is relatively small .. after all it’s HO. This would be hidden at least in part by the stairs but if I were to do this again I would pay a little more attention to the details .. making sure I had the mortar lines consistently .. regular.

By the time I got to this point I was wanting to finish it up so I was in a bit of a hurry.

I do like the way this came out though. Makes me think I should give a try at using the process to make a building. One thing I need to do is get some Hydrocal. This was just Plaster of Paris and is .. IMO .. too soft for this.

Mocking up stairs
I had a Central Valley’s #1602 Steps & Ladders. I decided to use the ‘Closed riser stair case’ .. the 24-in length gave plenty to ‘play’ with. The plan was to make the structure supporting the stairs out of strip-wood .. this is just to get a general idea of ‘what goes where’.

I like to ‘plan’ only up to a point. I find that ‘going with the flow’ works pretty well for me. I like to get to a certain point and go “How would they have done this?” .. meaning that instead of forcing the modeling to fit a pre-planned design exactly .. let the evolving model dictate the design.


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