Pump House – Pt II

foundation7-800A wash of a light sand color acrylic was used to give an overall color to the ‘stone’. I then came back with washes of oils – very thin washes of various browns, yellows and gray. Here, the foudnation has been glued to the layout with white glue. The building is just sitting on the foundation for the photo.
A Walk
walkpattern-800I decided to make access to the building via a walk that will wrap around the cliff edge. I used cardstock and clipped and snipped until I got the shape I needed then transferred to foamboard.
walk_frame-800I took the foamboard walk and scanned it. With that done I brought it into Skechup, traced the ouline, scaled it and printed it out. Next, I taped it to a piece of foamboard with wax paper over the top. This works pretty well with small pins to hold the stripwood over the print. This was pretty delicate and kept falling apart until I got the boards glue to it.
walk_frame3-800I used SilverWood to color the walkway boards. The boards were glued at what seemed to be a logical pattern. I put additional 4×4 stripwood at various points. More stripwood was used to create the legs/bents to support the walk. The arrow shows where I need to add support at the rear. It won’t take that long to color the foam ..
walk_foam_carved-800Carving away some of the ‘rock’ exposing the blue foam (I love this stuff by the way). I have the legs cut down the right length so everything is relatively flat and level (let’s say .. ‘level enough’). The next step after that will be to start constructing the rest of the legs and bracing. I only hve to get ‘close’ .. as once the walk is glued down I can fill in around the legs with debries.

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