Commercial – this is a ‘catch all’ for those structures that just won’t easily fit into Residential, Civil Engineering, Railroad and Other.

This is a ‘filler page’ – created simply because my list of structures is starting to run off the page when the menu is selected. Initially I am dividing up everything into Commercial, Residential, Civil Engineering, Railroad and Other.

Coking Complex

What IS Coke anyhoo? Coke is the solid carbonaceous material derived from destructive distillation of low-ash, low-sulfur bituminous coal. Cokes from coal are grey, hard, and porous. While coke can be formed naturally, the commonly used form is man-made. Volatile … Continue reading

Widget Supply

Whatisit? I needed to start filling in the area to the left of the bridge. The plan is for the buildings to ‘crawl’ up the slope. Since I only have about 12 in. to play with this includes compression and … Continue reading

Branstetter Hardware

Overview Planning for a new building. I am running out of room so I am thinking of bringing it forward over the tracks. The idea is to push a covered crane that could unload a truck parked on the road … Continue reading

CONOCO Gas Station

Inspiration The photo was posted to the Facebook “Roadside Relic diormas” page by Pat Redmond. I thought this was simple enough to knock out a Sketchup model easily and quickly. Initial Virtual Modeling .. and .. Here We Go!!! It … Continue reading

Cash Market - I

This and that One of the great things about Facebook is that there are always someone posting an interesting photo. A while back, a photo was posted from the “Buildign in the Past” Facebook group. The ‘brub’ states .. “Two … Continue reading

Wise Engineering Works

WEW I’ll put this up as a spaceholder – I will come back later and write up the build. I have the photos on my harddrive so that will just take some time. … Continue reading

Ore Bin

Location Having ‘chopped up’ part of the original layout, removing the coke ovens and the rock behind them I was left with a small stub of On18 track about 9 inches above the lower level. I printed out a quick … Continue reading

Coal Washery

So – What IS a Coal Washery? The following is take from “Surface arrangements at bituminous mines” Copyright 1907. from the Chapter titled “Coal Washing” As coal is never found pure … the impurities contained need to be removed. The … Continue reading

Old Gin Works

Rhame Cotton Gin Located at 909 Market Street, Camden SC. This building was constructed between 1925 and 1930. It was built as a cotton gin for the Rhame Brothers. The Rhame Brothers, consisting of Boykin W., George A., and John … Continue reading

Shawn's Gas Station

The Subject Shawn Branstetter of Shortline Modelers asked me if I could use a sketch he had made years ago of an old gas station. In the process I realized that it might be interesting to record the process. Shawn … Continue reading

Brick Mercantile

The Brick Mercantile This old shaped little building from Clever Models caught my attention. This is the building as you see on the website built as designed. P/N S62 The BRICK MERCANTILE Print and Cut I decided to follow my … Continue reading

Barber Shop

[popupwfancybox id=”1″] Concept When working on the area in front of the gap on my extension I made a 3/4 in. step in the foam. I put a road in that made it’s way up an incline to the loading … Continue reading

Jukes Boat Rental

Bob Bruce’s Version Thom Miecznikowski of Clever Models put together a little kit which he gave away during our live chat, at the Whistle Stop (Saturday night 10PM Eastern). Bob Bruce built it .. and created boats to go with … Continue reading

American Steel Pipe

Clever Models P/N S43 American Steel Pipe Works From the blurb on the Clever Models website – “American Steel is typical of mill buildings found all over the U.S. It is a low-relief kit, meant to fit against a backdrop. … Continue reading

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