Barber Shop

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When working on the area in front of the gap on my extension I made a 3/4 in. step in the foam. I put a road in that made it’s way up an incline to the loading door on the Brick Mercantile building. I decided that a small building along the road would fit nicely and I drew the area up in Sketchup so I had an idea what to do next.
Available Area
BlockingAreaI just eyeballed it but the abutments are approximately the same shape as trestle bents their heights would be. With that in mind .. the area between the bents can’t have a structure. I indicate this with the translucent blue color. That leaves the area between the bents and the road for the little building I wanted. It’s a LOT smaller then I had thought .. darn it.

I colored the area I decided on with red. Half the building on either side of that step. I figured this would just look .. interesting.

Adding the building
BlockingArea2So. I ended up with this little building. Just looking at it .. the first thing that might come to mind is .. “That’s too small” … but … that’s not so.
Law Range Barber Shop
photoI remembered taking this photo of the Law Range Barber Shop in Sumter, SC. Now .. this is a SMALL sructure.
Front36I brought the photo into Sketchup. Using Photo Match and making a WAG that the door is 36 in. wide the shop shows as less then 8 ft. wide.

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