BS Hardware – III

ChannelOk. This is the Y-Axis Channel which forms the trucks to carry the crane back into the loading dock, the gear assembly, hand chain pulley and a bunch of supports to tie the channels together. The 0.040″ dia holes are for shafting .. wheels and hand chain. The 0.020″ dia holes for the supports.

I’m really curious to see if I can do this. There are a couple of problems .. some solvable .. some .. perhaps. I can find the center for the holes using an edge-finder (if I can find it and it will fit my micro-mill). Drilling the holes .. is more problematic .. whether the drill will will straight enough .. these holes being too small for a center drill.

StackedChannelsStacking four ea. channels for drilling .. on the left the drill only needs 0.170″ and basically two thicknesses. Stacking like on the right would require drilling through 0.205″ and four surfaces .. in which the drill is more apt to drift.
ShowSize2One of the ‘problems’ I run into time and again is that I tend to forget just how small something is. Here’s a look at the actual size of the channels and the holes that need to be punched through.
Drilling and Gluing
GluingUP1Putting together the Y-Axis channels. I’m using Evergreen styrene. 3/16″ channel. It’s cut long to clear the styrene rod. Holes drilled, three pieces of .060″ styrene acting as spacers. The rod is .030″ dia. I will snip off the bits sticking out from the sides. The rod left inside will portray 1″ pipe full size. All thread run through and a washer/nut on either end would keep everything nice and aligned. (no .. I won’t REALLY run a threaded rod through .. just fake it with a NBW on the end.
gl2-1200Glued up. Now it needs careful cleaning up with file and sandpaper.
wheelNext .. the wheel. While I’m not afraid to start .. trying to start is the problem. I have a lathe .. and now am discovering what tools I have .. what I need .. and what I need to make up. I need four of these.
Chain Pulley
HandChainPulleyNeed only two of these. The groove is designed to fit the Builder’s in Scale 40-link per inch chain.

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