BS Hardware – IV

Page III was published March 27, 2014 – so this has been “on the shelf” – as it were. Recently, Railroad Line Forums started “The Shed, Shack, Shanty, Small Structure Challenge“. “The goal will be to build a structure where the sum of the length + width + height is 90 scale feet or less. The structure can be from a kit, a kit bash, or a scratch build. Any scale is welcome.

Since I needed to FINALLY get down and build the structure this was as good an opportunity as any to quit procrastinating and get to building.

size-footprint-1As I indicated at the start of the thread, I had this area at the end of the layout just beyond Widget Supply. There is enough room for a crane to extend out over the road and track and should make the scene ‘interesting’ – in much the same way as the ancient Chinese curse.
size-footprint-2I cut a piece of cardstock out and pinked at it a bit with scissors until I had the maximum footprint of the area that I could work with.
footprint_dimThis is what I ended up with. What I did was take that piece of cardstock and slap it in the scanner. I then imported that scan into Sketchup as an image, traced along it to get a mesh – then scaled one side to get that dimension. I could then get the others.
For the challenge I focused just on the ‘Crane Building’ as that fits within the limits .. where the sum of the length + width + height is 90 scale feet or less .. this being 7.813 x 6.125 x 6.75 in. .. which gives 31.25 x 24.5 x 27 = 82.75 scale feet. Since this is my blog .. I can cover the rest at the same time cool.
Concept I
renderingPlaying around with the design I realized that I could connect the new building to Widget Supply. Hmmm. The name .. perhaps .. Branstetter Hardware & Widget Supply? That’s down the road a bit .. suggestions are welcome.

My fist conceptual drawing – and I was happy with it at fist and even printed out plans and used them to cut out foamcore. After sleeping on it though I decided that it simply took up too much area/mass in one location and felt unbalanced. Still .. a starting point.

Mock-Up I
testfit-1I taped everything together for a “look see”. This is what I had peculating through my brain that night. It may have been perambulating. In any case .. I woke up and stared at this for a while .. thinking.
Concept II
version2-2Sitting at the computer waiting to take off for a NMRA meet in Greer, SC. I had time to work on the model. I decided that my proposed structure was too ‘heavy’ .. I suppose is as good a term as any .. so I modified it so it would fit better with the structures around it – or that was my intent.

I sliced the top off of the crane house and made the one next to the right taller. This was at least in part because I could simply modify the foamcore I had previously cut out.

version2-1A view down a bit. There should be enough room for a water tank of some sort. I think that rounded, metallic shape would add interest.


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