BS Hardware – V

Test Fit
testfit-4I started to fit in place. I haven’t cut out the bit that connects to Widget Supply yet as that will have to be cut-n-fit. Here, I ‘blued out’ everything but the crane house. That has to fact the track at 90° .. and the taller building to the right has to fit shy of the road. Once that is done .. I can fix the foundation in place.
Freight Door
freightdoorareaOne of my biggest faults in not planning everything out. I suppose that in the end this might be a ‘good thing’ since it means I have to come up with a solution to those things I forgot. Since I tend to do this like it may have been done in ‘real life’ .. I think it helps add to the believe-ability of the scene.

In this instance after I cut the opening for the crane I realized that while I had some vague idea of moving freight from this area down the connecting structure to Widget Supply .. I hadn’t thought about it much past that basic idea. There needs to be a freight door where the arrow is pointing. So .. before I go any further I need to work on that.

Tichy_2010 .. and sooo .. a quick look in my ‘Structure Parts’ box .. and I have a Tichy Train Group #2010 – 16 Lite Baggage Door/Frame that should work just fine.
I’m going to use a distressed white clapboard on the outside (call it – off-white/grayish). Inside .. thinking an industrial green .. again wood .. tongue and groove perhaps?

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