Cash Market – II

The Kit’ish
working_2So. I modified the original roof and sent it off to Thom. He returned a ‘new and improved’ file. I had to modify that one a bit to add small tabs at the front corner .. but it came out pretty well. In fact the only major problem was that the retangle of the roof isn’t quite a parallelogram .. the walls were a bit further apart at the front.
working_1A front view. The corners at the top have some white glued tissue to cover the jolnts. Down front the pilasters are cut out but not going to mess with trying to apply them to this build. I’m going to do a second build with ‘lessons learned’ from this pre-Alpha build. I will be changing techniques also .. more on that later.
frontrearoopsieI was in the process of printing off a second set of the four walls and discovered a problem in that the front and rear walls are different widths.

In the pic I trimmed off the staggered bricks that are intended to fold over. I printed the walls off on my laser printer to save my inkjet. Soo. Sent this off to Thom .. will putter around with some other things until he replies back.

This will make an excellent genearl purpose, ubiquitious building seen all across the country. You can tell that it looks pretty good ‘as is’ from Clever Models. In my opinion Clever gives you a base kit .. you can go with that or use that as a starting point for something better. I plan to go with the second.

– Foamcore – One of the major differences in the way I prefer when building Clever Models kits is using foam core. Creating a sub-structure of foamcore gives you a very strong, non-warping structrue that the Clever Models textrue sheets can be glued to. I really like this method.

With that in mind I’m going to close this page and start a new one since this second version will be a different build.

– on another note – I was thinking about this last night. When I started this pre-Alpha build I just .. printed the stuff off .. cut it out and started to assemble. Now .. I realize that for such a build I should have taken time to actually measure things like the widths and heights of the walls and roof .. if nothing else .. a visual comparison would have been a good thing and caught these probems earlier.