Cash Market – III

YardShedLike everything else in life sometimes you take one step back for every two steps forward. While foamcore makes an excellent sub-structure the problem comes from trying to glue the Clever Models prints precisely on that foamcore. This is simply that the best cement I have found is 3M-77 spray glue. Excellent stuff but if you don’t glue the print exactly right you don’t get a second chance .. that stuff sticks!

Ok. The basic process is to cut each wall from foamcore to match the prints. The sides are notched and everthing secured with white glue. Simply spraying the foamcore with glue and the print makes for a really secure bond as I said – but aligning everything is the problem. I think I can get around that by clamping one side to hinge the print in place, cementing the top say .. and then the bottom.