Section II – Part II

Intermediate Stirngers
At some point I will generate complete plans .. but for the momement I want to step back and look at the Intermediate Stringers I mentioned last bit.

The important thing won’t be so much getting the measurements for the notches EXACTLY according to the diagrams .. but making sure they are the same where the notches are in two beams. Example –

Compare_2and4Intermediate Stringer #2 on top and Intermediate Stringer #4 on the bottom. There is that blind notch on Stringer #2 and an additional notch on Stringer #4. The rest are the same. If the to stringers are kept together while cutting the notches (ok .. except for the blind notch and that additional sucker) then exact measurements doesn’t really matter – unless we are saying “exactly the same”.

Just for giggles .. dimensions for the notching of the two stringers.

Sill Intermediate
Sill_IntermediateI slid the Jig Tank Gauges into place onto the Intermediate Stringers #1 and #4 to keep them in gauge (and because I forgot to show this in the last bit).

With everything glued nicely we can glue in the Sill Intermediate (red).

Jig Tank Vertical Support #2
Jig Tank Vertical Support 2I moved the camera for a better view of the next step – which is to insert the two Jig Tank Vertical Support #2 into the notches on the lower and intermediate sills.

The Jig Tank Gauges were left in place to keep everything in gauge .. they are happy there doing their job I think.

Supply Tank Support and Stringer
Supply Tank Stringer and Vert Support 2Insert the Supply Tank Stringer (red) between the Supply Tank Vertical Support (4.124″) and the Jig Tank Vertical Support (4.021). Then insert the Supply Tank Vertical Support #2 (blue) between the Supply Tank Stringer and the upper sill.
Supply Tank Bottom
Supply Tank BottomThe bottom to the supply tank is put in next. It sits on top of the Supply Tank Stringer, wedged between the Supply Tank and Jig Tank Verticals. The nominal size of the lumber is 2″x12″ (.062″x.250″) – with the center board about a 2″x10″. Again .. this is nominal and adjusted to fit.
Supply Tank End Walls
Supply Tank End WallsThe Supply Tank End Walls go in next, flush against the bottom and up against the Supply Tank Vertical Support and Supply Tank Vertical Support #2, flush with the outer edges.
Supply Tank Blocking
Supply Tank BlockingNow, we need to install the blocking for the Supply Tank. This would have been secured through the End Wall lumber directly into the 12″x12″ timbers. The blocking provides a sturdy ‘stop’ for the side walls of the supply tank. They are installed flush with the Supply Tank Vertical Support timbers and the End Walls.
Supply Tank Sides
Supply Tank sidesFinally the Supply Tank Sides are attached on the inside up against the Supply Tank Blocking, Bottom and End Walls.

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