Section I – Part II

Overflow Tank Posts
I had to give it a name and “Overflow Tank Post” is ‘good nuff’. It forms the rear-most post for the Overflow Tank/Settling Tank assembly and also supports the framework at the front of the jig tank.

It only has one notch cut 1.250″ (nominal) from the top (5 ft FS) to receive the end of the Settling Tank Cap. Notice that I said it was `.250″ nominal from the top – in that it has to recevie the end of the Settling Tank Cap so the distance necessary to achive THAT is what is important in the end.

Explanation: In Secton I Part I the Settling Tank Posts were cut 2-15/16″ long. They were then dapped into the sill 0.042″ and into the Tank Caps the same amount.

Lateral Braces
This is the last of the framing for the Settling tank, a couple of heavy braces across the top.
Overflow/Settling Tank Floor Planking
The floor of the Overflow/Settling Tank are made of 1/16″ x 1/4″ strip. This is 3″ x 12″ full scale. They are 5-7/8″ (5.875″) long. Should take a total of 9 ea.

Using terms like “They are” and “Should take” are of course .. just that .. terms. That last board will be adjusted if necessary for width as needed.

Settling Tank End Planking
The design of this tank might appear to be simple but it’s not. It’s like a large puzzle .. all the bits and pieces interlock in a dance of wood and iron.

The end planking go in next. The boards extend the full width from outside post to outside post. The board are the same 1/16″ x 1/4″ as the floor, 2-3/4″ long

Overflow Tank End Planking
… and .. we continue and install the planking for the Overflow Tank. The planking remains the same 1/16′ x 1/4″ .. 3″ x 12″ full scale. We’ll spin around to the rear to take a look ..

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