Section I – Part III

Next we put in the blocking/nailing strips. These are .062 x .208″ (3’x10″ FS) installed four per side. They act as nailing strips for the side planking and/blocking to keep those sides in place. Note: These boards are .042″ (2″ FS) narrower then the posts they are nailed to. They have to be aligned along the inside edge of the beams.
Settling Tank Side Walls
Now, we can install the settling tank side wall planking. Use the same 1/16″x1/4″ (3″ x 12″ FS) planking used on the ends and floor.
Overflow Tank Side Walls
In the same manor, the short sidewalls of the Overflow Tank are installed. Again .. the same 1/16″x1/4″ (3″ x 12″ FS) planking used on the Settling Tank side walls is used.
Overflow/Settling Tank
This finishes the first module .. the Overflow/Settling tank .. at least as far as the wooden portion is concerned.
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