Coke Oven Bank – Part III

Oven Brickwork
Using all of the information I described earlier (and a bunch I didn’t) I used Sketchup to draw up the brickwork of the oven itself. That’s the bit around the opening.

The drawing to the left includes the cast iron frame around the opening.

.. and then .. here is the same pieces exploded so you can see the separate bits.
3D Print/Master
I had everything printed at Shapeways. Here the various bits are clued together with CAA. The ‘stone’ platform everything is sitting on is some Sintra (pvc) that has the stones scribed in.

This was the master that I used to make my RTV molds from.

One thing you get from doing this kind of thing is .. all the things you did wrong .. and how to fix it ‘next time’. I would for example make it so the pieces locked together with tabs or something .. no reason not too as that would just require a small change in the CAD.

RTV Mold and Casting
Here we have a simple mold box with the master glued to the back bottom. The RTV mold is the blue thing to the lower right and a casting to the lower left.
The casting here has been stained with AI then drybrushed ‘brick’ colors.

Lesson Learned : I used some plaster I had on hand which was common Plaster of Paris. I REALLY need to get some Hydrocal for this kind of thing.

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