Coke Oven Bank – Part VI

Used DAP Light-Weight Spackle for mortar. Pretty simple .. wipe on .. wipe off (ok .. almost that easy).
I used the fancy application device to apply the Spackle to the wall. “No worries” .. just swiped it on.
A brush dipped in water helps push into the stonework.
Wiped off the face of the stonework with a cotton wad, leaving the Spackle in the crevices.
With the water and a brush I kept wiping across the face of the stonework .. wiping with the cotton .. back and forth until satisfied. What I was trying was to get the Spackle down in the crevices but off of the rock faces.
This was ‘finished’ as far as the mortar being finished. I came back later with washes etc. but .. heck .. that’s ‘assumed’ .. I assume.


Coke Oven Bank – Part VI — 2 Comments

  1. Ed,

    Just a thought… would it have been possible to apply the spackling as you glued the individual stonework to the frame; i.e., used spackling as the “real world” workers would have used mortar? Either way, it would be a lot of work. Moderate amounts of beer would be a good lubricant while laying the stonework; another thought would be to simultaneously use pizza to provide power to the “fancy application device”. But further though suggests that the pizza might release unwanted oils, etc. to the stonework, so maybe that wouldn’t be the best choice…

    Seriously, Ed — this is some awesome stuff you’re doing here! And like your other articles, you’ve broken the whole process down into relatively easy step-by-step sequences, well illustrated with photos and drawings! I would suggest that you could gather your articles, combine them into book form, and find a publisher. Personally, I model HO scale — but the techniques you’re using would apply to nearly any scale.

    Great stuff! Keep up the good work — and keep posting!!

    Tom Stockton

  2. Tom. I could have done that .. in fact .. it might have worked as a ‘glue’ .. just using the spackle. I might try that next time I do something similar as every time I do something it is often the FIRST time. Ha.

    Thanks re: steps and stuff. What normally I do is take pics and post up to my blog while I’m doing it. Often I will be posting to either the Railroad Line Forum or the Whistle Post .. so I am killing multiple birds with one rock .. as it were.

    Thing is .. I enjoy the blogging (suppose that is as good a name as any for a WordPress driven website). To me it’s ‘fun’. One of the reasons though was the idea that I would post up ‘stuff’ and then someone like yourself replies back .. and gives me another idea. Seems to me .. that everyone has talent and ideas and if even a small portion of that ‘everyone’ would post up comments, ideas, suggestions .. their own modeling we would all win.

    Nice of you to say about the book thing .. these days I could probably do an ebook of some sort. Interesting idea. 🙂

    re: HO .. I did one project in HO ..

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