Coke Oven Bank – Part VIII

The larry
From “Surface arrangements at bituminous mines” – “Larries are large hopper-shaped steel cars for carrying coal from the coal bin to the oven. They are made in three styles: double-discharge larries, for block ovens, have two spouts – one on each side so that they can discharge the coal into the oven on the right or left side of the track. Single-discharge larries have but one spout and are used for bank ovens only. Center- or bottom-discharge larries are made for bank ovens and are discharged from the bottom when directly over the trunnel head of the oven.

The gauge for single- and double-discharge larries is 4 feet 8-1/2 inches, and the gauge for centerdischarge larries is from 6 to 7 feet. The larry shown here is run by an electric motor and trolley. It has a height of 8 feet 10 inches and a capacity of 6-1/2 tons. The wheels are 24 inches in diameter and are pressed on 3-1/2-inch round axles with journals outside the wheels. The journals have brasses in regular freight-car boxes with springs on top to take up the jar caused by track joints. The frame b is of steel and is bolted to the hopper c. At the end of the spout a is an apron d that is hinged in such a way that it may be raised and lowered at will by winding or unwinding the chain e from the windlass f. The larries are provided with brakes of a substantial nature made so as to brake either two or all four wheels. The larry brakes and shoes should be examined every morning, for if the brake fails there will probably be a wreck that will be very awkward to handle.

With my Coke Oven Bank a “single block oven” – my larry will be a ‘center discharge’. Note that it says .. “the gauge for centerdischarge larries is from 6 to 7 feet.”

That got me thinking. ‘Normal’ O scale track actually measures 1-1/4″ gauge which scales to track that is 5-ft gauge. That means that ‘Off-the-shelf’ standard gauge .. O scale is already wide gauge. In any case .. 6-ft would be 1-1/2″ and 7-ft would be 1-1/2″. Cool. I feel that .. if I’m going to build a custom wide-gauge larry track then ‘goforit’ .. the 7-ft wide gauge.

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