CONOCO Gas Station

inspirationThe photo was posted to the Facebook “Roadside Relic diormas” page by Pat Redmond. I thought this was simple enough to knock out a Sketchup model easily and quickly.
Initial Virtual Modeling
dim_1.. and .. Here We Go!!! It is hard to tell in the photo but there is quite a bit of sag and movement of the structure. You may can see it somewhat with how the poles are not exactly vertical. The overhang has sagged etc. etc. So ..I scaled everything off of the front door which I set at 36″ wide. I guessed at the thickness of the concrete slab at 6″. The windows and doors – I haven’t made an attempt yet to find appropriate ones yet.
This is a WordPress Blog. That means that you can freely comment on the development of the structure. That in fact is the MAIN REASON I used WordPress .. just so I could get people to interact. Once I am satisfied with the plan I will publish PDFs in various scale with full plans that the model can be built directly off.
InteriorI inserted a small bathroom into the building corner. Other things are up to whoever wishes to build this as a model. Things like desks, chairs, shelving, counters are of course variable.
roofI angled the roof a bit for drainage and stuck in a couple of vent pipes for the sink and toilet
Here you go. I created plans in HO since it would fit in it’s entirety on one page. O scale will require more than one page.
O Gas Station
HO Gas Station
N Gas Station


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