Old Gin Works

Rhame Cotton Gin
Located at 909 Market Street, Camden SC. This building was constructed between 1925 and 1930. It was built as a cotton gin for the Rhame Brothers. The Rhame Brothers, consisting of Boykin W., George A., and John E. Rhame, were among the most active commercial developers in Camden during the early twentieth century. Their primary business was a general store they operated at 930 Broad Street. They also owned a sale stable at 525 Rutledge Street and a cotton warehouse at 524 Arthur Lane.
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Sketchup Match Photo
There is an excellent menu item in Skechup called Match Photo. You can take a photo(s) of a building and position your “camera” in Sketchup to be exactly where the real-life camera was when the photograph was taken. You do this by aligning the X,Y and Z perspective lines to the building. You can then draw over the image – converting the 2d image to 3d.
DimFullWhat I ended up with is a building 22’x54′. One end is 14′ tall and the other about 20′.
DimOScaleI model in O scale. This means I have a building that is 13.5″ long and 5.5″ wide. When you take a closer look at the building it is obvious that there was more of it once – but this is complete as it is, without having to size it for modeling.
RenderedI did a quick texturing. The building has all of the doors and windows closed which is fine with me – I can happily model it like that.
A Plan
WallsExploding the Sketchup drawing allows me to create some plans for the walls.
I’ll transfer these to my Sintra® board to layout the sub-structure. I’m not sure how this is going to work out. The idea is to assemble the substructure so that the overlaying brick sheet will meet precisely at the corners. I won’t have any problem doing it badly .. but might doing it well.


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