Jukes Boat Rental

Bob Bruce’s Version
BBversionThom Miecznikowski of Clever Models put together a little kit which he gave away during our live chat, at the Whistle Stop (Saturday night 10PM Eastern). Bob Bruce built it .. and created boats to go with it. Excellent!
Thom put Bob’s file up on his Freebies page as a JPG. The problem that may arise with this is that a .jpg is just a graphic. How your printer prints it is dependent on the printer, the resolution it is printing at etc.

To get around that I printed the .jpg to a ‘virtual PDF printer’ – a very useful piece of (free) software, CutePDF Writer installs itself as a “printer subsystem”. This means that any Windows application that can print can create a PDF. Sweet!

Row Boat by Bob Bruce.jpg
O Scale version in PDF
HO Scale version in PDF

My Area
area_1200I had this little area about the right size for a copy of Jukes – except it was on a slope. I think I can get around that. A ramp from the door down to the water would allow hauling the boats up to the shop and would add interest. Boats can sit on the water on both sides.
Lego Form
Legos_1200I think a concrete foundation will work with this so I pulled out the Legos. On the left you see the simple form that I can use to pour the plaster into. On the right I put two walls of Jukes to show that the foundation will just be large enough for the main structure’s footprint.
Location – Location
locating_1200With a foundation poured and painted, the sub-structure coming together from foamboard I’m checking where to put the thing. I .. *think* … about here. I’ll “more or less” cut out a rectangle so the cement foundation slips nicely into it. If I lower it until the back (away from camera) is near ground level it should be about right.
DugIn_1-1200I had the block of plaster chipped and painted to look like concrete. I did that on the workbench so I had more control then trying to do this in place. Here, I took a piece of card to make a pattern and sliced away plaster. Man .. wish I could still get this blue Dow stuff .. love it.
DugIn_2-1200I picked up this level at Lowes. It’s a Swanson Cross Check level .. cost about $4. Very handy little sucker.
DugIn_3-1200First layer of cardstock glued to foamboard. I will print off additional siding .. and layer. This is important as the structure is dead on the edge of the layout. Right now the foundation is just sitting in the hole I cut .. I will blend it in later on. I still need to add a ramp from the door to the water to get the boats in and out.

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