Jukes Boat Rental – III

Jukes Boat Livery – Things to do
I posted this short(ish) video mostly because I was playing with my Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum softare and secondly .. to put the onus on myself to do the things I mention in the video.
Setting the scene
1_jukeslook-900This is an older photo before I put in the little pier for the rowboat. Note that the light STILL hasn’t been wired yet. I am sooo slow.
2_bottles_1-900This was taken before the pier .. and before the cement block I placed for the stairs etc. The O scale bottles and crates were placed just for the photo.
3_bottles_3An extreme close-up of the bottles and crates. I was pretty happy with how well look even at this very close look.
Cement Block
4_concrete_block_acrylicsandstone-900Since Jukes sits on a very steep slope to the water I used my favorite quick and dirty form .. Leggo blocks to cast a small rectangle of plaster. A brass wire brush to get some texture and light washes and I had something I could use as a footer for my stairs.
4b_smalldock2-900Here’s a look at the area after I had put in the little pier. I simply drilled four holes into the ‘water’ (forstner bit works well for this) and inserted the dowels. The rest of the pier was made up from stripwood. Moved the beer to the pier for the photo. The boat is sitting on the surface .. again there for the photo op.
5_jukessteps2-900The short flight of stairs are from Rusty Stumps – Walt’s “O Scale Basswood Stair Stringers w/ Treads“. His “O scale stair stringer Construction Jig” makes building them a snap.

I used the stairs to eyeball where to place the cement support/footing and cut out a space for it. This is where using styrofoam for scenery great .. it can be modified easily.

6_jukessteps1-900Placing the block in place. This photo is slightly out of sequence since it is just the raw white plaster. It has been a while but I guess I did this before weathering the cement.
7_jukessteps3-900With the cement block weathered, stained and in place I glued it in place. A little paver base and everything was blended together.

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