Jukes Boat Rental – IV

Rock and Rubble
8_smalldockrubble-900Next I wanted to add some Riprap. The rocks you see here are ‘Chicken Grit’ on the left and marble chips on the right. I picked the Chicken Grit .. or Poultry Grit at a feed store. It has a nice slightly pink cast. The marble chips were found at Lowes in the garden section where the decorative sand and rock is.
10_smalldockrubble3-900Since I like the way the chicken grit looks I left it natural (think it is crushed granite). I washed the marble chips with a sand colored acrylic. I placed them to hold sand a gravel so my little people from the pier to the stairs.
11_finished-900I gouged a place out in the Envirotex and set the boat to the waterline and fixed using some Woodland Scenics Water Effects. Some Acrylic Medium to make small wavelets and white acrylic to finish up.
The Boat
boat-900A closer look at the boat. I am rather proud of the water the water looks. That layers of “weed and stuff” .. the greens you see is simply thinned acrylic painted on the surface just under the last one.
boat2-900Realizing that I needed to tie the boat up I used a piece of Upholstery Nylon thread for the rope. Darn thing is close to scale too .. 0.013″ dia so in O scale it is 5/8″ dia.