Jukes Boat Rental – VI

The platform/lading/dock .. whatever it is .. sits on 1/8″ dowels .. or 6″ dia in O scale. The four posts that hold up the beams are 1/4″ dowels – or 12″ dia in O scale. Here, I have already stained the 1/8″ dowels. The 1/4″ posts and beams in the pic are not stained yet. I drilled the holes a bit deeper than needed so I could adjust the height until the beams were level.
I made a jig to set the height of the pilings – a simple block of wood with a piece that would slide just over the top of the pilings. A tap with a small hammer set once at a time using white glue to secure them. The 1/4″ posts are stained also at this time. Once that had set in place I used 1/8″ stripwood to make the caps. The notches were carefully cut with an X-Acto knife so they would sit flush on top of the pilings. The time I took to level the pilings made this a lot easier.
Stringers and Decking
I pulled out stripwood from my stash that just look ‘right’. I did the same with the stripwood I used for the decking. Here, the stringers are in place and the decking is waiting to be installed.
The hoist as I said is Version 4 of the HO hoist I made for Rust Stumps. I reverse engineered a white metal hoist that Walt Gillespie gave me. It is basically an I-Beam trolley with a handwheel hoist combined with it.

The hoist as shown is still in raw FUD. The I-Beam is made up of two 1/4″ I-Beams with the flanges cut off from each, glued and scraped and sanded to make one much deeper.

I-Beam Structure
I used my favorite ‘Rattle Can’ paint – valspar satin ‘Leafy Rise’. I find this works for me to represent an industrial green as a base for further weathering.
I used Citadel Tharaka Green wash here and there to ‘splotch’ the surface to give some character to the green. I then used MIG Brown Wash to age and weather the surface further.
OPR – Oil Paint Rendering. I used a brown oil paint . specifically one of the MIG oil paints. This process uses a very small bit of the oil paint which is then blended into the surface with a brush. It is really hard to beat this process.
Finished (for now)
The boats are piled up, painted with cheap acrylics very watered so they look weathered. I followed with weathering powders in the same color range. The hardest part of this was gluing the 40-link per inch chain in place so it hangs .. “good nuff”.
A closer look. All in all I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. The hook on the end is a new design which I think works better than the larger headache ball for this.