Ore Bin

Having ‘chopped up’ part of the original layout, removing the coke ovens and the rock behind them I was left with a small stub of On18 track about 9 inches above the lower level. I printed out a quick and dirty model of an ore bin for this location with the idea that ore would be delivered by the On18 line to the ore bin where it would be picked up at the lower level by the On30 line.

Note: One thing I would change given the chance would be to have the layout in sections that could be removed to be worked on. The On18 line is extremely hard to get to. If I could sit the section on saw horses I could add something like .. oh . I donno .. a siding for example. *sigh*

You can see the basic concept. There SHOULD be a siding to switch full/empty ore cars – but as I said this would be a pain to do with the On18 track already in place as it is.
Here’s the hopper as built by the owner of On30 IMA, David Mason. I have trucks, wheelsets and couplers to stick under it. With that I will be able to get the final height of the bents.
My Bin
I had at some point copied plans I found online of an ore bin in “The Design of Mine Structures” by Milo Smith Ketchum of a “Timber Ore Bin at Cananea, Mexico” to create a Sketchup model. I have since modified the original drawing, reducing to three chutes and also making the height shorter .. all to fit within my 9 inches between my On18 and On30 track levels.
Currently this is where I am at. I am building an On30 IMA Hopper which will be the ‘standard’ after which I will finalize the design of the ore bin once I have the ore car ready to measure against.
Stevens-Adamson Mfg. Co.
The Stephens-Adamson Mfg. Co. produced a vast array of conveying, elevating, screening and transmission machinery and accessories. You can download a copy of their “S-A Labor-saving Machinery” from 1916 from Google Books .. that is .. if you live in the US. I took a couple of their rack and pinion gates to create my own design. To the left is their Style No. 9D
and .. this is their Style No. 10D .. which I followed to create my version of the gate.
Shapeways Prints
I spun up my own design for the chute and gate. The chute is supposed to be cast iron so WS&F (White Strong and Flexible) will work (probably) work since it is a sintered nylon and has a rough surface. The gate mechanism is printed in FUD (Frosted Ultra Detail) since it is supposed to represent smooth(ish) metal.
Here it is rendered via Kerkythea. IMO .. you can’t beat Kerkythea for the price .. it being free open source program. The only downside being that applying a lot of textures extends the rendering time.
Shapeways Models
Forum Discussion
I have opened up a discussion of the Ore Bin Chutes and Gates on my MicroMimesis forum – Ore Chute/Gate