Ore Bin – II

Overall I am quite happy with how the chutes printed in WS&F. To me .. the slight texture works well to represent cast iron. The fact that sintered nylon is very strong doesn’t hurt either.
A closer look shows the downside of using sintered nylon. The process is using a laser to melt powdered nylon to create the model. This means it is not going to match the resolution of other methods (at least not yet). The holes are .030″ dia. The ones circled in blue are on a slightly thinner face and there are pinholes. The ones circled in red not so much. I used a .030″ drill to open up the holes but had trouble trying to slip the Tichy nbw through. In the end I came back with a .036″ drill which worked. I went back and changed the holes to .040″ and uploaded the modified file to Shapeways.
I used Tichy #8035 nbw. These in O scale are a 3″ washer and 1.5″ sq. bolt. Since WS&F is a sintered nylon I used 5min epoxy. I primered with the cheapest gray primer I could buy at Wal-Mart (cheaper means thinner). The faces of the flange were masked off since this is where the gates will be glued to.
I used the common manhole cover as a guide to painting. To start I used brown and red craft paints thinned well to make a rusty wash over the chutes.
Next .. I used black and brown craft acrylics and stippled the paint across the surface. This is fine for now – will work as a base. Later after I attach the gate mechanism I will come back with oils to enhance the surface – OPR – (Oil Paint Rendering)
I tossed the FUD gate prints into some Simple Green for an hour followed by running through my ultrasonic cleaner. I think they came out pretty well all things considered as the teeth on the gears are visibly printed.
.. and the front side. This is going to be fun .. I think.
With some primer on the FUD parts they become much more photogenic .. I am pretty happy with how well they printed in FUD.
Test fitting the gate to the chute. This close-up the printing process starts to show. FUD is printed at 29 microns. Printing the same object in FXD at 16 microns would be even better.
Calling this finished for now. I need to build the Ore Bin that they will go on.