Ore Bin – III

Here’s the ore bin in Orthographic view .. Left, Front, Right, Back and Top.In the following pages I am going to use the plans .. as generated by Sketchup .. to make a build plan for the ore bin. The idea is to work out all the kinks before hand. Just how well that goes .. we will see.
Support Framing
The bin is supported by four frame assemblies. Two make the side walls and the other two add support to the bin. The only difference between them is that the two center support frames are taller.
Wall Framing
The wall frames (in blue) will be built first and glued up. The wall caps will also be built but not glued in place as the vertical framing, planking and filler strips will be added after other items are installed. The wall cap will be used to hold the wall frame in alignment until those verticals and planking are glued in place.
So .. my focus will start with the wall framing shown in blue. Since the framing is the same for both the left and right walls I will make up two of these.Note the use of ‘housing’ for the framing members (dado joints). Yeah .. I know most people would simply butt glue the pieces but this will be much stronger.

  • Main Wall Framing and Cap : 0.250″ x 0.250″ (NESL OSCAL1212) – me .. I purchased 1/4″ poplar dowels at Lowes.
Here’s the view straight on. This can be used to build directly onto.Here’s the pdf – wall_framing .. print ‘Actual size’.

I placed a 1 inch long shape to double-check this is the right sized printing.

The dimensions shown here are taken directly off of the Sketchup drawing so you can take them as ‘nominal’ in that while they are exact as far as the drawing is concerned they are nominal in that they may well be approximate when you start slicing and dicing the wood.
A closer look at the cap. Note that the dimensions shown are nominal at best .. the exactness is simply that Sketchup forces such. Here’s a pdf of the cap that can be printed and used as a guide for cutting.
Placed an order for a chisel small enough for the notches and of good quality – Narex 3mm (1/8″) Woodworking Cabinetmaker’s Chisel with Beech Handle
Result …
This is what we end up with .. the support framing. The two outside frames are slightly shorter than the two inner frames.Note: These frames are aligned with the supporting notches on the bent caps. That means those caps need to be made to help align the framing correctly.