Ore Bin – V

Top Boards and Nailing Strips
To finish off the body of the ore bin we add the two boards (shown in red) between the caps. The ends have no support so we add Nailing Strips to the caps (shown in Gold).

  • Top Board : Same material used for the bin walls
  • Nailing Strip : 0.063″ x 0.167″ (NESL OSCAL38)
Bin Belts
I call them “Bin Belts” as I don’t know the actual name .. that will work until I know the proper term. The timbers as shown are 0.167″ x 0.333″. In O scale that would be 8″ x 16″. You can get close with 5/32′ x 5/16″ stripwood from North Eastern Scale Lumber Co. That would give you a 0.156″ x 0.312″ timber.