Fire-Hose House – III

Interior Stains
I used some thinned Yellow Ochre and Cadimun Red oils to give a ‘orangy’ hue to the interior wood. Then came back with a little Burnt Umber and a dab of black oils. I wanted the interior to look like the hoese have been dripping for a while now.ineriorstain
.lowershelf-800.. and so .. the slatted shelf. This took a while. I used ZAP Thin CA because I like the way it flows into crevices .. (of course I used my CA applicator tool). The downside is that it works .. but is not REALLY the best for wood. I used ZAP Kicker to hurry up the process. Still .. cut a 1×3 .. check .. sand if necessary .. check .. fit .. fit .. place .. re-place (as it falls over) .. finally cement in place .. and repeat.
racksfinished-800… and the second rack/shelf is finished. Next .. I will be fixing the bit I screwed up. Remember .. I was looking at the plans .. upside down .. so the shelf heights are off .. AND .. I was .100″ too short on the wall to boot. That means the top shelf is just barely peeking out. Man …

So to fix. I got to thinking. They slatted the shelves for the hoses so they could drain etc. Ok. Check. My question is .. if you have wet, damp hoses .. why is the structure not ventilated? Seems to me .. logically .. that venting wet items would help keep them from mold and rot. Shrug. In any case .. I can MAKE a case .. for venting the top of the structure. This also .. just happens .. to let me fix that shelf height, wall height .. oopsie. I will add about a scale foot to the top complete with ventilation .. probably slats. I will remove the 2×4 above the door opening .. and that should fix everything nicely. Later on once that is done and I add a roof I will most likely add to the overhand so those slats are protected from rain. That is for later.

Ventilation and Head Room
ventingOk. Not structurally an award winner but will work visually I think. I think I will add 1×8 around the top to act as an eve and mostly to strengthen the upper part.
I’m going to follow Gary Wise’s suggestion and put lovers between the uprights, angled down a bit.
Some Color
stack4My presumption is that buildings such as this would have been red … so .. I added some faded red paint with Doc O’Brien’s weatherizing powders – Rusty and Muddy Reds – brushed/schmeered a bit with some alcohol.

I made an attempt to get the color/white balance correct and succeeded ok .. taking the photo with the model NOT sitting on a bright pink cutting mat helped I think. duh ..

Roof Framing
roofframing_1Since I propose to stick this structure close to the layout edge I want to go ahead and frame the roof also. This is another place that Sketchup comes into ‘useful’ mode. I Googled “Framing a square hip roof” and ended up on “Pyramid Roof Framing” .. and quickly realized my brain hurt. So .. I went to Sketchup and following the pictures in the article and even able to read some of the words .. as long as they didn’t contain too many syllables .. created it in 3D. Once I was happy with how it came out I could copy and pull to once side each of the framing members.
roofframing_2Switching the camera from Perspective to Parallel Projection, I hid the roof and dimensioned the length of the rafters. These are all 2×6. I can print this page out (1 in. in the printout and 1 in. in Sketchup) to get exact scaled drawings. I’ll cut them out and use them as templates for the angled cuts and birdsmouth.

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