Fire-Hose House – IV

Rafter Install
firstsetcommonraftersThe first set of common rafters glued in. With the framing of a ‘Pyramid Roof’ .. or .. a square hip roof there isn’t a ridge board, instead the first set of common rafters rest against each other on their plumb cuts.1

Here these first common rafters were glued at the plumb cuts on a piece of wax paper with that angle plate weighing it down to dry. The angle plate is used again to make sure it glues to the top plate vertically .. important since all the other rafters key off of this one (it acts as the ridge board basically).

In front are the second common rafters and the paper templates I generated in Sketchup.

commonraftersOk. The common rafters are all glued in place. It is a lot stronger once all four were installed.
stack5Hip rafters went in fine. I had been pretty careful in getting the common rafters correct and so this part went well. One of the problems you run into working on such a small structure is that a slight alignment problem is a ‘big deal’ .. after all, in O scale if you are off 1/16″ that is 3″ full-scale.

I cheated a bit. Normally at this point the Hip Jack Rafters would go in – but i put the fascia on first. In ‘real life’ the rafters are left a bit long and after they are all installed a carpenter uses a chalk-line to pop a cut line along them all at one time ensuring they are even for attaching the fascia. That is a little harder to do in 1:48 (IMO) so the fascia went on as it is much easier making three rafters even than five. With this glued up I will then put the jack rafters in.

roofing_1This is as far as I intend to roof the structure. I want the rafters to show. What I will do is have a couple of guys putting a new roof on and so we are seeing it with the old roofing partially removed.

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