Fire-Hose House – VI

3D print
DoorsI decided to print the doors as those various tools are really small. Fire axe, Hydrant Wrench and three Tabor Spanners.
PrimeredDoors-900.. and the result. Over all I am satsified. The strange artificats from the printing .. rough and smooth areas are dissapointing but I can live with it. Once painted that should go away .. hopefully a lot. Some light sanding is indicated also.
painteddoorsFinal-900Finally, some paint and pinwash and I am going to call it “good nuff”
working …
DoorsGlued-900Shazam! Dang they came out nice! I’m impressed .. amazed myself! I rather like the way that basically ’embossing’ the tools onto the doors worked. I will have to think about using this same method in other projects.